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What is Positive Mindful Parenting?

Positive parenting doesn’t imply everything else is negative, but rather it is the Positive Mindful Parentingapplication of positive psychological research to the practice of parenting to promote the flourishing of both parent and child.


Some areas of positive parenting:

  • Adaptation of an authoritative parenting style which on a parenting spectrum is moderate.
  • Adapting the parenting practise to the temperament of the child or children.
  • Consistent parenting
  • Promoting parental understand of child style, whether they are easy, difficult or slow to warm up or a combination of them according to situation.
  • Setting limits rather than rules.
  • Responsive parenting rather than scheduled parenting.
  • Encouraging the use of strengths and abilities.
  • Promoting a growth rather than fixed mindset.
  • Praising for effort rather than skill and ability.
  • Cooperative and sociable rather than dependant or independence.
  • teaching and encouraging self regulation.
  • Teaching and encouraging emotional intelligence.
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