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Professional Membership

Coaching is a relatively new profession.  Many non-professionals jumped on the bandwagon and set themselves up as coaches with little more than a weekend course under their belt.  As with all professions, it is important to find a coach who recognises the ethics and morals of professional organisations.   I am a member of several societies.

BPS Graduate Member – MBPsSBPS graduate member

I am a graduate member giving me access to up to date research from the wider Psychological community.  I also have a profile on their website click on the image to view it.

coaching-logo-swirl_biggerMember SGCP  The BPS also have a special group dedicated to coaching psychology for which I am a member.  This allows me to keep in touch with the fast moving Research in Coaching Psychology.

Association for Coaching – MAC association_for_coaching-small                                                 My AC Profile

The Association for Coaching is the leading UK-based international organisation monitoring and accrediting coaches in many different areas of the industry.   As a full member, I have many benefits including a profile on their website.

IPPA – International Positive Psychology Association 

I am a member and recently completed a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and also take part in a lot of CPD hosted by the IPPA.