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Are you a parent of an under 5-year-old?

Would you like to:

  • Improve your well-being, life satisfaction and increase your happiness?
  • reduce your rumination and improve your sleep.
  • Increase your ability to self-regulate.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • increase your positive emotions.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • reduce stress, anxiety.
  • smoking or alcohol use.
  • Enjoy your food more.

Would you like to join an online group of like-minded parents from across the globe.

As a parent you may also like to:

  • be able to recognise your babies or child’s cues?
  • Positively influence your child social-emotional development and behaviour.
  • Reduce your child’s stress levels.
  • Improve your connection in the parent/child relationship.
  • Manage tantrums or child outbursts.
  • Understand your child’s needs.
  • Provide an example for your child of well-being and self-regulation.

N.B. If you are experiencing the symptoms of major depression or any other mental health issues, it is important to seek medical or therapeutic assistance before undertaking this mindfulness-based meditation programme.

What is involved in a Mindfulness-based strength practice for well-being?

During each session, we will focus on a particular area important to well-being we will learn a new meditation and undertake some exercises, below you will see the particular focus for each week.

Foundation of Mindfulness-based strength practice for wellbeing

Week one –Mindfulness and Auto Pilot – Introduction to Meditation, visualisation, mindfulness and positive psychology with a focus on self-awareness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions.

Week two – Your Signature strengths – Identify what is necessary to be able to be at your best allowing you to engage more fully in parenting and reach your fullest potential in life.

Week three –Obstacles and Opportunities – Looking at obstacles/barriers and appreciation of the little things in life and opportunities of mindfulness and strength practice.

Week four – Strong mindfulness for strengthening mindfulness in everyday life- Focusing our attention on our strengths and the best qualities within ourselves and our children. Reducing negative judgements of ourselves, our children and others. Conscious strength use can also strength our mindfulness practice.

Advanced strength based Mindfulness practice for flourishing well-being

Week five –  Valuing your relationships – Mindful awareness nourishes our relationships with our children and others, beginning with our relationship with ourself.  As the say goes put on your own oxygen mask first, if you manage this during early parenting you will be ahead of the game for the toddler years.

Week six – Mindfulness of the Golden mean of strength use – Mindfulness focuses our attention on the present moment and allows us to focus directly on what is rather than ruminating on what was or worry about what could be and mindful strength use opens us to new possibility and helps us to imagine the best possible future.

Week seven – Authenticity and goodness – Our lives are filled with pressures and there is much evidence in the importance of authenticity to wellbeing.  This week focuses on autonomy and living life according to your own positive self-image. It takes courage to be more authentic and it takes hope to create a strong future that benefits both our self and our children. This week through mindfulness and character strengths we set goals with authenticity.

Week eight –Your engagement with life – We focus on what is working for you and look at the mind’s tendency to return to automatic habits that are deficit-based, unproductive, or that prioritise what’s wrong with you and others. Engage in an approach that fosters awareness and celebration of what is strongest in you and others.

Final call – Our final call at the end of the eights week will be a short review of our development and an invitation to continue practising beyond the course.

What is my time commitment for the Positive mindfulness-based well-being programme for parenting:

The weekly sessions last for 90 minutes

Between sessions, you will be invited to practice the meditation for the week daily, which is approximately 10-20 mins and complete some tasks designed to improve your well-being which will also be approximately 10-20 mins daily.

How does an online Positive mindfulness-based well-being programme for pregnancy work?

This is an online global group (maximum 8-10 persons) drawn together by the power of online conferencing, with a common goal to learn  to be positively mindful in their life.  This allows you the benefit of a group without the hassle and time required to join one in person.

What you will need:

  1. A positive motivation and intention to practice approximately 20 mins daily for 8 weeks as well as completing extra personal development activities.
  2. A computer and headset.
  3. A webcam is useful but not essential.
  4. Ability to download software to the desktop.
  5. A good broadband internet connection.
  6. A quiet space to attend online sessions and practice.
  7. Paper and coloured pens and pencils.

Who will be conducting this programme?

My name is Candice Sunney I have a BSc in Applied Psychology and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and am a Graduate member of the British Psychological society.  I am a qualified Meditation
teacher and Coach.Positively mindful pregnancy

My vision for a flourishing community and society.  Since giving birth to my son and embracing positive mindful parenting I have a vision for a positive mindful society in which my son can flourish.

If you have any questions about this course please email me.

When is it?

If you are interested in joining a group the next 4 week Introduction to Positive mindfulness beginnings on:

4th Sept 9.30am-11am pm BST Check your time zone

What if I have to miss a session?

It is preferable to attend all sessions but if you are unable to attend on any day the sessions will be recorded for you to listen in and catch up.

How much does it cost?

Each module cost £75 and is booked separately.

£125 for the full 8-week course.

What happens after the course?  Ongoing mindful meet-ups

If you would like continued support, I offer a monthly touching base call for a nominal charge of £1 open to anyone planning for a child or with children up to 5 years old who has attended one of my training events.  I set a theme for each month, which I also write about on my blog.  It brings together a like-minded community of hopeful, expectant, new parents and parents of young children to share experiences and take part in a joined meditation.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the 1st module introduction to Positive Mindfulness

Places are limited you can save your place by paying a £50 deposit now.

Sept 4th start::

Make your final payment:
The final payment of £25 will be due 7 days before the course begins. 

Module 2 Advanced Positive Mindfulness for flourishing well-being 

Next dates to be decided.

Pay for the full 8 weeks and get 10% discount Final payment £62.50