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 Positive Mindful Parenting – helping parents use parenthood as a springboard into the best possible life for themselves and their children.

Positive ParentingWe live in a world full of prescriptions for how best to parent. Everyone has an opinion about what we should be doing as parents, and they never fail to voice those unsolicited opinions. Furthermore, the advertising directed at us, telling us what we need, is beyond anything I have ever experienced. When we follow others directions rather than tapping into our inner knowledge, we become disempowered and disconnected from our parenting instincts.

My vision of the future:

For the world where parents are pursuing their best possible life for themselves and their children and are empowered to use their parenting instincts.

My mission

To empower you as a parent:

  • To feel confident in your parenting abilities.
  • Feel less parenting anxiety and stress.
  • Feel a deep connection with your children.
  • Harness your resources to increase your wellbeing.
  • Develop your personal parenting vision.
  • To know what works for each child.
  • To be at your best even through the tantrums.
  • To bring your best self to parenting every day.
  • To survive potty training your toddler.
  • To transition your child to preschool.
  • Create the boundaries that work for you.
  • Navigate the toddler years.
  • Create a positive discipline plan which works for you.

My 4 step process to finding a solution to everything in parenting:

  • Be positive and look at strengths.
  • Be Mindful and present to what is.
  • Tap into your parenting instinct.
  • Do it the way you think will work for you.