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Koan Meditation for Parenting

– African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Todays Daily Koan Meditation address every working parents worries regarding sending their child to nursery..

There is the control freak answer to this which is no. “no one can parent your child like you”

But are you really qualified to do everything?  Child development requires variety and an equal measures of challenge, something great nurseries are well placed to facilitate.  The other children your child meets lays the foundation for them as sociable children.

“I will miss out on everything.” Yes perhaps but when you are multitasking you are missing out on much more.

I have heard that to succeed it is important to surround yourself with people better than you.  Or potential put a better way, who make you better.

“I prefer my child to be with his grandparents” being with grandparents is great too, not only for your child but it also keeps their Grandparents young and their brains alert.  But they don’t manage quality time either if they are in your place for several days a week.

Your child will really benefit from spending time with a wide variety of people, because it takes a village to raise a child.

What ways have you used to bring in great minds to help your baby grow? Would love to read your comments below.


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