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Positive Mindful Parenting

Self Guided Positive Mindfulness for Parents

Positive Mindfulness for parenting moving from surviving to thriving in 8 weeks.

This 8 week Positive Mindfulness programme is designed to move you from merely surviving and functioning as a parent to flourishing in all areas of your life.  Using a combination of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, with videos and exercises to complete.

  • Do you find yourself only surviving parenting?
  • Are you finding it challenging to know what your infant needs?
  • Do you find yourself getting angry with your children regularly?
  • Has parenting become a blur?
  • Are all other areas of your life being neglected due to parenting?


There are many benefits of practising Mindfulness.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 weeks

Difficulty: Some degree of effort and commitment is required but you decide how much.

Course Instructor

Candice Candice Author


9 weeks of access

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