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What is Positive Mindful Parenting?

What is Positive Mindful Parenting? thumbnail

Positive parenting doesn’t imply everything else is negative, but rather it is the application of positive psychological research to the practice of parenting to promote the flourishing of both parent and child.   Some areas of positive parenting: Adaptation of an authoritative parenting style which on a parenting spectrum is moderate. Adapting the parenting practise […] Read More

Moving from measuring child temperament to working with Child Character strengths.

When we talk about our children we often talk about their temperament.  Maybe they are boisterous or difficult to get motivated, strong willed, easily distracted, shy or maybe a picky eater.  There are so many ways we describe our infants.  Temperament has long been the only measure of  children’s individual differences.  The 10 temperament traits; Activity […] Read More